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September 27,  2013
Hi All
Been a while since I've updated this report page. Hopefully my blog has kept me off the bad list. If you have been reading my blog, much of this is a repeat. The blog is so much easier to write and update. These reports get long winded so you've been warned..
We are well into our peak Salmon season. The fly fishing has been STELLAR this season and the early season lure program down stream not so much. It works kinda like this. Years we get lots of rain and run off the lure program shines bright. First off the colored water hides the lure hitting the surface of the water, then the vibration/rattle starts and they feel the lure going by then they barely see it follow it and strike it. When the water is low and clear all the mystery is gone. They see the lure hit the water, they see your line, the loud colors and rattles send them all the wrong signal and it's pretty tough sledding. Don't get me wrong you can still piss off the occasional fish or 2 and trip that SWITCH but it's a tough road. The other problem was the warm weather and hot water temps sent those fish packing way up stream to cooler water if they were smart. The ones that stayed out in PM Lake and Lower river were par boiled dark Kings quickly. I have hardly seen anyone with a real chromer. You need rain to get those real fresh chromers in. The ones that come in from 100' FOW thru PM Lake up the river all in 1 day (no sitting around getting stale). Bite your lure and hit the net with scales falling off and chrome as a bumper..We could still get a push like that but it's looking like it's going to be October before it happens. Best looking fish I caught this season thus far was the first trip with Johnny Matson August 15th. on a scouting mission. Also I got into a chrome Coho this past weekend. Usually I like to spend August 15 th. - September 25 th. down low but not this year. Me and many other guides had to go where the fish were...mid river. We got robbed out of another hardware season due to low clear water. No rain sucks !!!




There have been a few rain showers and some thunderstorms but not the flooding type with 3"-5" over a day or 2. First inch gets soaked up by the dry ground unless it's crashing down hard. Best we've had is a stain here or there. Here's The Good News: It has cooled down and we have gotten enough showers to replenish some of the under ground springs to keep the flow at least average which is better than below average and stale flow..Speed is important for fly presentation so were in good shape for now. We have lots of fish in the system and most are in pretty good shape. There are dead ones here and there and a few white tails but 90% look really good still. Still plenty of fish coming up from the lake to search out hole fishing for the big mean green fish that are butt kickers. Half or more are on the reds and spawning. Trout fishing has really improved after the last 2" thunderstorm. It colored the water off gave it a little stain and flow and the Trout came out with there feed bags on and that's about the same time when many of the fish got pushed out of the holes (by flow/sand plums) and onto the beds. So needless to say were going to be in for a nice long drawn out Salmon season with lots of little pushes left to come. Which is great news for the late season fishermen that come up in October once the crowds thin out.

I have open to Guide October 6, 11th.--31st.. Our room openings start to open up a bit after October 6 th. thru November. October is my favorite time of year to guide why ? hint (Fall Steelhead). Cooler weather, more water, less people, plenty of fish and more biters off the back sides of the reds and in the holes below the reds. If interested in a trip in October the Fall Colors are stunning also !! It's a no loose deal other than a extra layer of cloths is needed and bring your hat and gloves for the a.m...Give us a call..

Other Stuff Happening: This summer did some dirt biking till it quit raining and got dusty. Did a bunch of big laking and tournament fishing out in Lake Michigan. Had some good days out in the lake. The average size King Salmon was way up this year. In the Ludington Tournament we were in 40th. place for big fish with a 22lb King Salmon. First and Second place was 29.9 lbs King Salmon.. A friend Sean won the Ludington Tournament pro division KatchMe Charters. He also has big fish at Captain Chucks at 35.9 lbs King Salmon. Don't know if he's still on top of that board there but I think so. Sean had a Great Charter and Tournament season..

For about the last year I've been kicking around the idea of getting a big lake boat and shopping the Internet which was fun. Then I got tired of kicking the tires and shopping and started shopping seriously about 2 months ago. Got the wife aboard and went boat shopping and she like Baha Cruisers 25' to 28' models best. She just liked the layout and every boat she read the name of at the marina docks was a Baha Cruiser. So, I found one I could afford and it needs some TLC. So... I bought it, sold my boat "The Minnow" 165 FM Lowe to a friends dad down the road (it went to a good home). I bought a 1993 251 Baha Cruiser Hardtop. It has a large fishing area with a 2 person cabin. It was a Walleye boat from Port Clinton, Ohio a Lake Erie boat. 1 Owner, guy was a engineer, I was told and the boat looked like it had a solid hull other than dirty, and in bad need of a wax, newer electronics, stereo, Lake Michigan tackle and some running time on the water to get the bugaboos out. So getting it fixed up with the Minnow money and it should be ready to rock after the winter refinishing projects are done. Gonna get a slip next summer and hopefully do some overnights in Augres, Pentwater, Manistee, Ludington and have some fun fishing the Tournaments at those local ports. It's 8.5' wide so no wide load problems, my F-250 will tow it fine, fits in the pole barn by 1' to the garage door. So it was just the perfect size. Any bigger and I would have had towing issues, storage issues etc...

First 2 trips out were not productive fishing wise at all and even had a failed part outside the peirhead first trip after running for 3 hours no problems. That's what happens when these things sit around a year or so not being used (that's the bugaboos mentioned above). The fix was cheep and I was glad I didn't go offshore where the good fishing is at in 400' to 500' FOW. Instead I played it smart and stayed close to shore in 40' to 60' FOW. The bad part was the coil got hot and oil leaked out the top and bottom. So coil, cap and rotor are new and it runs like a champ again. Thanks to my friend Sean and Jeff for the tow in. I was only 1/4 mile out but they did a super slingshot job for me into the docks without a motor. Luckily my brother was with me too he is pretty handy to have around in a pinch. Just have to keep up with the shake downs and learn everything little thing about the new to me boat. New toys are fun and a great way to learn new things. Just builds character and experience, you also find out who your friends are too..
Not much else new just lots of fishing, rented lots of rooms this Spring, Summer and Fall over all a good year so far. Looking forward to Steelhead fishing soon and then my annual Missouri Bow hunting/ Family trip in November. Have a wonderful Fall Salmon Season and keep up with my blog if you want a more up to date report..
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January 13, 2013

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